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Company profile BSA

Boerman System Automation BV or simply BSA is a product development and engineering company for hardware and software. BSA provides a complete package for the development of electronics and software.

BSA B.V. is a sister company of EMS B.V. specialized in the development of customer specific solutions. Whether it is advanced test equipment or a taylor made monitoring environment, BSA has the knowledge and experience to help you develop the systems you need.

We are proud to have the world market leaders in aviation, transport, crop growing and processing as our customers.

Services, engineering

BSA provides:

  • R & D for new product development
  • Drawing / designing your product, process / mechanical / electronic
  • Documentation
  • Assembly or production manual
  • Cost calculations
  • Bestuck calculations
  • Production process
  • Quality control during production
  • Test protocols and inspections
  • Production and final control
  • Prototype series / production series

The integration of three main activities within BSA: product development, software development and automation, we are able to support our customers with added value and tailor-made solutions for almost any application.

Embedded GPRS technology for wireless control and maintenance of systems via Intranet or Internet networks and software solutions for semi-office applications. We specialize in the design, production and implementation of microcontroller systems and analogue electronics technology. In all disciplines we keep the focus on the embedded web technology. Quickly and professionally we implement techniques embedded in your products, to improve quality, control and efficiency of the (production) processes.

Services, manufacturing

BSA possesses a state-of-the-art production line for electronic products in a series of 2 up to 2000 pieces can be produced. This production line consists of a Mydata My12 pick-and-place machine, a vapour-phase, a wave solder machine and, if necessary, a reflow soldering machine. We have several tools to perform specialized repairs. The entire logistics chain consists of ESD compliant systems and workfloor. The systems are all in the production standards of BSA - EMS ISO 9001. All products are tested after production packed and stored.

If you want a quote for your own product, then ask us. We build a lot of products to third parties with different quality requirements.

The BSA of services are widely applicable, and adapted to almost any application.
A small selection of the target groups:

  • Energy companies use for provision of gas, electricity and water
  • Test systems for aviation aircraft
  • Pharmaceutical and medical devices
  • Measuring Systems for the content of milk cooling tanks
  • Logistics companies that use automatic provisioning messages such as beer tanks (beer and soft drink producer) and petrol stations
  • Companies that work with systems to be monitored in places where no data cables are present
  • Pump management systems (pump manufacturers)
  • Larger and mobile refrigeration and cold storage (climate)