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EMS is searching for colleagues

Allround elektronica production specialist

  • Representative, autonous and precise attitude, experience with cabling, electronics and technology
  • Works independently or communicatively as a team
  • Customer-oriented work attitude, autonomous approach, goes for quality 
  • Completed MBO training
  • Inventive / inquisitive, thinks outside existing frameworks / customer-oriented / goal-oriented
  • In the daily work you take care of the production of different types of electronic analysis and measurement systems. You perform this work in a team with several colleagues. The systems are built up several at a time step by step according to a drawing and an instruction manual. The construction of some systems can take several weeks. This work must be carried out accurately and very precisely. You must also have a feeling for the material and the knowledge of the use of the right tools. The work is very diverse. The work (among others) can consist of assembling small sensors, wiring cabinets, connecting (small) pipes, testing and measuring of printed circuit boards and wiring.

    About EMS

    EMS is a dynamic company where the customer playes an important role. In EMS hardware and software applications for gas measuring systems, dust measuring systems and analyzers aredesigned and built. The knowledge of the products that are developed are characterized by: Specific, high quality and innovative.

    Our Company Is characterized by a good and open atmosphere. Salaries and Employment Conditions are-competitive. We expect otherwise excellent good skills in personal relationship and communication skills, a good knowledgde of the Dutch and English and an analytical and critical attitude.

    Please contact us and send an open sollicitation  request for a job accompanied by a clear C.V. to: EMS B.V. or connect by the contact page of the website.

    Tel. 0166-657200 of Mob. 06-
    T.a.v. J.K. Boerman
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