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Innovation driven technology

Innovation in gas sensors

EMS develops and produces new types op gas measurement systems arround new applications that are not or less well known in the martket. These applications are mostly in the area of environment, agriculture and food applications. Applications are developed in cooperation with third parties by EMS. Development and marketing of products can be done in cooperation, where products are together sold and distributed. The production, calibration and maintenance is done by EMS.

If you have an idea for a possible new gas measurement sytstem or gas analysis system to develop, then please take into contact with EMS. In the past several new products arise on this way which are succesful brought to the market.

In the gas-measurement-technologie are many applications for specific markets and offer many new opportunities. If you have new ideas en you like to work these out, we offer you to talk about these idea's where there are possibilities to build the product based on your own specifications. Here below are some ideas to help you generating more possibilities. De reason of this list is to trigger you with an idea based on your knowledge or market. Come into contact, your request will be handled with care and covered by Non Disclosure Agreements.

  • Early warning system for fire detection (Detection of smoldering fire without fire or smoke)
  • Detection of diseases, bacteria or mould in fruit or food
  • Detection of mould
  • Food preservation control: Quality control of food, (Bread, meat, fish, and other pershable food (also liquids).
  • Energy savings: Gas sensor control
  • Integration of miniature gas sensors in clothing
  • Integration of gas sensors inside reefer containers
  • Integration of a disposable gas sensor for short use of packaging / distribution / logistics
  • Application of gas sensors in chemical proces - analysis
  • Simplify measurements of costly and complex analytical systems, exchange by smart sensors, (Reductie Cost of Ownership)
  • Diagnoses: Diseases detection by human and animals
  • Detection of chemical warfare agents (military applications)
  • Detection of dangerous substances in closed or confined spaces (containers)
  • Control / check of drugs or other forbidden substances at customs
  • Emsion measurement
  • Detection of illegal chemical waste dumps
  • Air quality measurments in buildings and vehicles
  • Detection and prevention of food waste
  • Combination of sensors in logistic chain with RFID tracking & tracing in the logistic food-chain
  • Firedetection / short circuit detection