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Common information EMS

General company information

Visiting and postal address:


Naam management:
Spastraat 30
The Netherlands

+31 (0)166-657200
+31 (0)166-657210

J.K. Boerman (Managing Director)

Date establishment:9-1-2002
Bankrelatiom:Rabobank Tholen
IBAN:NL58 RABO 0303 0112 97
VAT number:NL 8103.98.217-B01
Registration Chamber of Commerce:Middelburg 20103569
ISO 9001:2000, VCA

Third party insurance:

Company and product liability, insured max. amount per incident € 1.250.000 Aspect revision/treatment/repair, insured amount per incident € 45.380
Delivery conditions:Deposit under number 20103569 at the Chamber of Commerce in Middelburg
Relations with other companies:BSA Administration BV (mother company)
Boerman System Automation (BSA) BV (sister company)
Safety education personnel:All have fundamental safety VCA, executives VOL-VCA (Safety for Operational Executives)
Company activities:Development, production, marketing and sales of environmental measuring equipment (gas measurement equipment and dust measurement equipment)