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Products in Industrie

Gas measurement systems for harsh industrial environments

  • MacView Ethylene Oxide Analyzer

    The MACView®-Ethylene”ˆOxide (EtOx)”ˆAnalyser is an extreme sensitive ethylene Oxide measurement device suitable for measurement in warehouses, containers and confined spaces to protect human from high concentrations of Ethylene Oxide”ˆ(EtOx). ...

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  • MacView IPR

    The MACView® IPR is a universal measuring system for gasses, vapours and solid (dust) particles. A extra unique feature is that the system is controlled and the visualisation is p...

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  • MacView Eex-d gassensor

    The MACView® EEx-d is also obtainable in explosionsafe form: the MACView®-EEx-d. In this design, the ...

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  • MacView IP

    The MACView® IP is a universal measurement system for gasses, vapour and solid dust particles. An extra unique property is that the system is managed, monitored and visualized by ...

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  • MacView Solvent

    The MACView® Solvent is a measurement system for measurement of harmful gasses or vapours. The MACView® Solvent can dis...

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  • MacView Eex-i gassensor

    The MACView® EEx-i gas sensor is a explosion save measurement head for use in Ex zones. The measurement head is made completely explosion save by means of intrinsic safety. The ...

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  • MacView Particles

    Permanent measurement and monitoring of particles

    The MACView® Particles is a monitoring system for particles like dust and smoke. It is specially developed for use in work rooms and industrial environments...

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  • Volume measurement for milkanks / Ultrasone sensor

    Volume measurement for milkanks / Ultrasone sensor

    BSA has developed a volume sensor for milk cooling tanks. Inside the sensor is an operating unit with display available to make adjustments possible to the sensor and is ...

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  • MacView Portable II

    As the name says and the below pictures show, this version of the MACView® Portable II is easy wearable. As soon as you enter the product...

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  • MacView Portable

    As the name says and the below pictures show, this version of the MACView® portable is easy wearable for your work outfit. As soon as you en...

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  • MACView-Particles measurement case

    The MACView®Particles Measurement Case did arise to meet the demand for mobile measurements. Both the Solvent-version and the Particles-versie can be integrated in a case. A

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  • MACView Wallmount

    The MACView®-Wallmount raise from the question of high accuracies and industrial standards. The MACView®-Wallmount is an intelligent gas- and vapours measurement sensor-unit in which a microcontroller has ...

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  • Group detection measurement device

    This measuring system is new! It is used to professionally to localize groups in building-bound low-voltage installations with a connection voltage of 230-400V-50Hz. This measuring system is specially designed for the installation sector. Witho...

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