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MacView Ethylene Analyser for flowerbulb storage

MacView Ethylene Analyser for flowerbulb storage

MACView bulb ethylene Gas Analyser
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Ethylene (ISO name Ethene) coming from sour flower bulbs is very harmfull for flower bulbs during the period of preservation. To high concentrations Ethylene can lead to gumming, loss of weight, separation of the flower bulbs and flower drying out. Out of fear for Ethylene one often ventilates more than necessary. This costs a lot of energy and leads to drying out of the flower bulbs.

The new MACView® Ethylene Analyser for flowerbulbs is capable of accurate and reliable measuring of Ethylene, even at extreme low concentrations. Through interfacing the Ethylene signal to the computer of the storage, Ethylene values are measured central in the storage and the ventilation valve is activated when needed. Due to this there is no more ventilation than needed. At the same time energy is saved and loss of quality prevented. During storage and afterwards with one push on the button the history of the Ethylene values of a storage can be visualised. This information is very valuable for the guarantee of a high quality storage. The MACView® Ethylene Analyser for flowerbulbs pays itself back within a couple of years only through the energy saving. Added to this are the financial advantages of a guaranteed storage with save Ethylene values and minimal loss of weight.

Kinds of sensorsEthylene sensor and Actellic-detection sensor for detection and switching possibilities to prevent damage by agressive gas or Actellic.
Interface to climate computers4-20mA for Ethylene signal, to your choice adjustable potential free digital input port for message of the climate computer “Start gasses”.To your choice digital RS232 or RS485 output port to PC.
Material housingHigh quality stainless steel , class of sealing IP65.
StandardsNEN-EN-IEC 61000-6-1 t/m 4CE
Program modiMeasurementBatchingStand byRinsing
Signals/warningsppb hysteresis adjustable on relais (programmable for every function)Analogue output 4-20mA (programmable for every function)Several status messages : power, failure, relais 1
Acceptance of warningsWith accept button on front side
RegistrationInternal database with date and time clock for over 6700 records readable with addedPC software
Service connectionRS232 and RS485 interface
Powerconnection230 VAC 30W
Operating temperature-10 / +60 degree CelciusRelative humidity 5 till 95%, not condensed
User interfaceIntuitive menu with graphic display and backlight
DimensionsW 525 x H 250 x D 154 mm
MountingHousing mountable to the wall with mounting eyes
SoftwareMACregister® software with diagrams, tables data and time standard suitable for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME and XP