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MacView Ethylene Postharvest Fixed GA

MacView Ethylene Postharvest Fixed GA

PHGA portable
Postharvest Fixed GA
Kiwi ethene measurement
Display Postharvest GA
  • New Version: Integrated GPRS of UMTS / WiFi or ethernet !
  • Software by internet www-address. A portal is available to access all data !
  • O2 sensor and CO2 sensor are as option available !
  • MAP measuerments possible within 5% accuracy of 0-5000 ppb !

MacView Ethylene Postharvest Fixed Analyser

The MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Analyser is the most reliable analyser if you want to measure ethylene (Iso name ethene). It is a ready to work device at which you can choose from 3 different measurement ranges. The lowest measurement range from 0-2000 ppb with a resolution of 1 ppb is the best machine if you have a mission critical application. For example the monitoring of soft fruit, like kiwi’s with a harmful detection limit of 40 ppb is a perfect application for the MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Analyser .

To control your process the MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Analyser has more then 60 internal checks to assure your machine doesn’t make measurement faults. If a situation is not reliable, the machine will warn you automatically. The MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Analyser has all things on board that are necessary for a high quality measurement. For example there is place for an internal calibration bottle. The span calibration or the zero calibration can be performed by the machine itself, determined by the intervals that the user prefer

The MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Analyser is especially build to connect it to a multiplexer sampling system. The machine is able to sample the rooms in order that is asked by a central computer of the customer. The signal transfer of the measured values can be simple 4-20 mA, 0-10V or up to RS232 or RS485 communication if desired.

For international customers the machine is very maintenance friendly. All parts are available and easy accessible. The MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Analyser will give an announcement on some parts if this parts have to be replaced.

The machine is tested by the Wageningen University & Research. The machine is exposed to extreme O2, CO2, ethanol, relative humidity and temperature variations. The results of this test are excellent and can be downloaded.

Type of instrumentMACView®-Ethylene Postharvest Analyser, based on the solid state electrochemical sensor technology with very high sensitivity and stability
Versions available0-5000 ppb ethylene resolution 1 ppb max. inaccuracy ±0.3‰
0-500 ppm resolution 0.05 ppm max. inaccuracy ±0.3‰
Versions availablePortable version for handheld monitoring
Fixed 19” version for fixed mounting to measure rooms of storages
Option for add a 2nd sensorOptical O2 sensor measurement range 0 - 25% , 0.001% resolution < 1% O2
Option to add a 3th sensorOptical CO2 sensor measurement range 0 - 10% / 0 - 25% CO2 inaccuracy ±0.1%
Syringe injection port for MAPVolume injection for MAP applications, analysis possible by syringe injection
SoftwareStandard Web Interface internet connection, either GPRS and UMTS or either
Ethernet (Choose which version at purchase)
Sample speed2 modes Real time: 1 sample/sec. / Automatic: 180-7200 seconds per measurement
Inputs / outputs flowCombined Input1 / zero input / calibration input (19” also Input 2 available)
Material of housingStainless steel IP62 housing, fixed analyser: is 19” rack mount housing
StandardsNEN-EN-IEC 61000-6-1 up to 4, CE
Operation modesMeasurements, dosing, standby, flushing or real-time measurement mode
Signals / alarmsppb / ppm hysteresis adjustable on relays (programmable per function),
status messages, power, failure
Data collectionWeb enabled / SD-Card internal database, date time for 100.000+ records
Service connectionUSB, SD Card, Serial RS 232 interface and RS485 interface
Battery PackLithium-Ion 11.500 mAh,charged while system is running, approx. 16 hrs runtime
ChargerExternal charger
Supply110 - 230 VAC 75W
Working temperature-10 + 50 degrees Celsius, relative humidity 5 - 99%, not condensed
LanguagesGive up 2 languages at order: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, French
Control panelIntuitive menu with graphical display and tbacklight
DimensionsPortable: Width 230 x Depth 405 x Height 180 mm
19” fixed version: Width 480 x Depth 350 x Height 301 mm
WeightPortabe version: 11.3 Kg Fixed 19” version: 12.8 kg
OptionsPortable version: External calibration package for manual periodic calibration
Fixed version: Internal calibration bottle included in the device